We are in a moment of crisis in youth and high performance sport. The “professionalization” of sport has us in a race to the bottom and sport culture as we know it is in trouble… Here are the 3 issues that inspired the creation of the OFFBALL Philosophy and Movement.

Issue 1 – 70% of youth are dropping out of sport by the age of 13.

WHY? Because it isn’t fun and they are losing their childhood because it is so competitive and time consuming. They are being drained physically and mentally at a time when they don’t have the coping mechanisms or skill set to handle the stress and pressure. Early single sport specialization, energy burnout, loss of love, hyper fatigue, overuse injuries and widespread identity crisis’ are running rampant in youth. This is NOT acceptable and we must shift the culture and give back sport to our kids…

Issue 2 – Kids have a life expectancy of 5 years LESS than their parents

WHY? Simply put our environments have evolved quicker than we have, the pace of life is more stressful than ever, our lifestyles are more convenient, technology is isolating us, our activity levels are incredibly low and we are putting less and less nutrients into our bodies. NOW is the most important time EVER for kids to be active, learn healthy habits, contribute to teams, develop an identity, engage in real life experiences, dream, fail, struggle, strive and see commitments through. All of the above will show up later in life as a strong foundation OR not at all…

Issue 3 – When the journey of sport comes to an end, most athletes are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually drained or event worse – broken.

WHY? Current culture is about high performance and winning at all costs to get to the top. The earlier the better – we train harder, longer and faster to squeeze more out of less thinking it will get us further ahead. This mentality of playing for the best team, having the best coach, going to all the camps, working with all the specialists, idolizing stats, putting in 10,000hrs+ and grinding to the top is actually counterproductive for both sport AND life. We have shelved human development and the incredible educational vessel that is sport and replaced it with high performance everything.

On-Ball = Goals, stats, assists, wins, skills
Off-Ball = Mind, Body, Life, Virtues Teamwork, Nutrition, Environment, Habits,, Mindset, EQ, Strategy, Resilience, Determination, Energy (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)

We are obsessed with measuring onball metrics but arguably it is what you do without the ball or implement that is the true foundation of performance and happiness in life. These opportunities live in mind, body and life and have makeup who you are, what you stand for and how you choose to live your life.

Can you impact the outcome of the game when you don’t have the ball or implement?

We all want to get better (parents and coaches included) so we can make the best team, score the most points, get scouted and make it to the bigs. This is natural but we are looking for the largest improvement (how it shows on the scoreboard) in the smallest place (with the ball/implement).

Rather than squeeze more out of the 1% ON-BALL, it is time to open up more possibility for athletes to excel off the ball so their preparation can truly connect with opportunity. We aren’t just talking about about scoring or making the team, we are talking about preparing a young human for success in sport and life …

Virtuous Athlete Development

OFFBALL Athlete Development is a philosophy; a way of life. It is an intentional style of personal development that goes deep inside the individual and widens the foundation for human performance in a way that amplifies ONBALL opportunities.

Through an understanding of profound principles, life lessons, performance psychology, breath training and movement certifications – OFFBALL App and Academy is a journey through mind, body and life. It has nothing to do with sport yet it has everything to do with sport…

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