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OFFBALL conversations are designed to extract fun stories, key learnings and big picture concepts from top athletes, coaches and minds in human development and performance.

Hosted by Martin Reader, this podcast is designed to be inclusive, insightful and inspiring for everybody. Martin intends to extract top personal development tops, evolve high performance philosophy and empower this generation and the next in sport and life.

It takes a village to make a champion.

With youth sports pushing early age specialization, talent identification and single sport play – youth have become the currency for a very hungry industry. What used to be about fun and passion has now escalated to unreasonable demands in mind, body and life for kids who haven’t developed the skill set or coping mechanisms to deal with them. As a result, 70% of kids are quitting sport by the age of 13 AND youth are now predicted to have a life expectancy 5 years less than that of their parents… Never has there been a more important time to promote activity, connection, learning, empowerment and personal development through the vessel of sport.

Join the conversation as we challenge the status quo on sport culture, performance psychology, school systems, coaching practices, government policy and whole-istic athlete development. Improving this process begins at home, at school, in practice, on the ride home and during game play. A shift in culture will require a collaborative effort and everybody is responsible for turning the dial.

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