The OFFBALL Academy is personal development + life skills + mentorship to create a more self aware and capable athlete in body, mind and life.

Winners have wins and Champions have systems

The pressure and demands on young athletes are increasing annually yet we are waiting for them to learn the skill sets and life systems to handle this ever increasing load. Playing up a tier, making the next team, earning a scholarship, going pro or trying out for the national team are all stressful milestones that require so much more than “ONBALL” technical and tactical skills. This is not about training harder, it is about training smarter. It is about being more to accomplish more. It is time we shed some light on mastering one’s mind, body and life through the vessel of sport for the journey of life.

OFFBALL skills make ONBALL success that much more possible

How well do you move? Who are you when you don’t have the ball? What is your self talk? What is your mindset? Do your daily habits bring you closer to your goals? Are you overtrained? Are you under recovered? Do you sleep enough? Are you having fun? Are you coachable? Are you a good team player? How well do you handle pressure? Are you in control of your environment?

ONBALL skills + OFFBALL systems = successful person in sport and life

The quality, impact, stress and result of each choice an athlete makes contributes to positive or negative momentum which then impacts performance. Athletes used to get away with just being talented but those days are over. If you have any aspirations in sport then you had better begin to understand, implement and master OFFBALL training. This training consists of three Arts


These three arts are then split into two different games – internal and external.

Understanding, having systems for and consciously experiencing the convergence of these Art and Game of life allow for six unique opportunities for personal development as seen below.


Yes you have to train and play the sport. And yes, Strength and Conditioning is incredibly important to be competitive but there is a massive opportunity to amplify performance through personal development. Too many young athletes dream of going pro or playing in the Olympics but miss learning how to move properly, manage resources, use  time, focus attention, channel efforts, control environment and build a personal value system outside of sport.  

The OFFBALL Academy is the first athlete directed and focused attempt at solving the following issues collectively



  1.  Train the body with the best physical performance training in the world
  2. Develop a strong inner mental game to excel on and off the ball
  3. Mentor young athletes to learn and employ powerful life systems to unlock potential
  4. Extend playing careers by instructing essential self care and maintenance strategies
  5. Provide a positive culture to support long term development in Body, Mind and Life.
  6. Bring attention to and develop skills to support a career in sport and beyond.



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