Times have changed. To be a professional athlete or to aspire to be a professional athlete one must be so much more dedicated and focused than a decade ago. Athletes must know how to manage the mind, prepare the body and organize life to optimize performance. Self mastery is just as important if not more than mastering the game itself. Evolved times call for evolved methods yet most athletes are trying to figure it out on their own…

Athleticism is a craft that requires so much more than talent

Being an athlete in the 21st century is an art form that consists of ONBALL and OFFBALL performance. We as a culture are obsessed with measuring metrics and stats but those quantifiable outcomes and not the full picture. You may only have the ball or implement for 1-5% of the game which leaves a whole lot of space for improvement. OFFBALL performance is your mental and physical preparation, your intentional daily routine and what you stand for as a human being from day to day. These conscious systems makeup who you are, what you are capable of and how you choose to live your life.

Winners have wins and Champions have systems

Systems based training is sustainable and incredibly stable. The world’s best franchises have the best systems in place; there is no guesswork. Everything is intentional and constantly questioned, evaluated and improved. Success is not a fluke. It is deliberate, it is routine, it is habit, it is the little things executed perfectly while not falling victim to failure and distractions.

Young athletes are now expected to train, act and live like professional athletes


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We live in an incredibly exciting time in sport. Opportunities to play and compete in leagues, travel tournaments, special camps as well as high performance select, provincial, national and pro teams have never been more abundant.

But there is a cost for all of this opportunity…

The “professionalization” of youth sports is a major stressor for families and coaches. Early specialization and talented identification now require pro level commitment and adult decision making. In North America this combination has spiked the rates of –

  • Kids quitting sport because it is no longer fun
  • Depression, anxiety and mental illness
  • Early burnout and dropout
  • Early physical degeneration
  • Identity and self worth issues
  • Outcome dependency
  • Academic issues
  • Fear of failure and expectations
  • Compromised long term mental and physical health

This is not acceptable but current sport culture is chewing and spitting out youth (and parents) who don’t have the skill sets, self awareness or life experience to manage it and play the game within the game.

Your personal development is your competitive advantage

The OFFBALL Movement consists of a suite of services to remedy the above issues and reclaim the power of sport for human development. Founded by Olympian Martin Reader, OFFBALL is an educational and mentorship platform to create champions in sport and in life beyond the ball.

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